Carbon ceramique



A super-tough pool that you know you can rely on


Pools with Céramique core, carbon reinforcements and all their composing layers can be installed easily and quickly in few days without any concrete base plate – see the “How to build a swimming pool step by step” article.
  • 1. Gelcoat and Colour
  • 2.Closed beam
  • 3.Vinylester base
  • 4.Balsa reinforcement
  • 5.Glass fiber mats
  • 6.Ceramic layer
  • 7.Polyester layer
  • 8.Carbon fibre mats
  • 9.Exterior top coat

Gelcoat and Colour

Gelcoat is the top protective pool layer, extremely resistant to UV radiation and mechanical damage. It was developed for the surfaces of luxury yachts production. CERAMIC EDITION coloring system ranks among the world´s most advanced gelcoat systems, and that´s why Ceramic edition retains the same quality even after many years.

You can choose from 12 CERAMIC EDITION color varieties.

Closed beam

The closed beam, rolled over the entire pool’s edge, ensures its extreme strength and stability while retaining its necessary flexibility. This is very important during the transport and installation itself.

The pool with closed beam is able to perfectly hold its shape.


Vinylester base

The first water-resistant barrier consisting of vinylester resin is applied on a gelcoat layer and prevents the osmosis process.

Balsa reinforcement

Part of the outer layer, which is in direct contact with the surrounding environment, is the balsa wood reinforcement.

Balsa wood is very light, and therefore used e.g. for the aircraft model building.

Thanks to ts sufficient thickness and strategic location along the pool walls, the pool can make without any other reinforcements.

Glass fiber mats

The mats are made of glass fibers, glued together with strong binder. They can be easily bent and reinforce the most stressed pool areas – especially folds and staircases.

Ceramic layer

Third, main waterproof barrier developed in Australia and the USA.

The ceramic coating was originally developed for NASA projects, where are all the materials tested for consistency and durability in extremely stressing conditions.

Ceramic edition can therefore guarantee 100% osmosis protection.

Polyester layer

The polyester layer, applied on the top of the ceramic layer, is the main component of the entire composite pool. After the hardening of this layer  the pool gains very good mechanical characteristics.

Carbon fibre mats

Carbon or carbon fibre is used for sport equipment manufacturing, e.g. tennis rackets, skis or bicycle frames. We decided to employ this material, originally used in the aircraft industry, in the improvement of our swimming pools.

Carbon is lightweight and very strong and that´s why we decided to add the carbon fiber to the most stressed parts of the pool.

Ceramic edition is therefore one of the most strong and shape consistent pools on the market.

Exterior top coat

Céramique pool edition

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