How to build a swimming pool STEP BY STEP

To install an inground pool doesn´t have to be hard, if you exactly know what you are doing. See our short picture manual of JAVA pool installation.

Pool installation

Ceramic pools can be installed in two ways, depending on the bottom type: flat or sloped.

Pools with a sloped bottom are installed on the gravel bed, placed both under and around the pool. The pool subsoil is made of washed river gravel (round pebbles) of 8-16 mm size.

Pools with flat bottom can be installed on the condrete base plate. Once settled, the sides are filled up by moistened concrete.

You can see the construction process on pictures – it shows how the Smokey Quartz coloured Java pool with sliding roof system is built.

1. Complete manual and construction drawings

If you decide to install Ceramic pool, you will receive detailed documentation for constructing company.

2. Excavations

After a careful measurement the excavations begin.

Ceramic pool construction – excavations

Ceramic pool installation – earth works with an excavator

Ceramic pool installation – excavation

3. Preparation of the pool subsoil

The excavation bottom is filled with a subsoil layer of washed round gravel, poured on a geotextile and rammed. It´s also possible to prepare a concrete base plate, but Ceramic pool installation doesn´t require it, gravel bed settles the pool sufficiently.

Ceramic pool installation – gravel bed

4. Pool transportation and placing

The next step is to transport the pool and place it on the base plate or gravel bed. See the video of pool transport with crane
Pool construction – placing the ceramic pool with a crane
Pool construction – settling the pool with a crane

Ceramic Pools ceramic pools installation

5. Technology installation and backfilling

Once the skimmer, inlet nozzles, lights, hoses and pipes are fitted, the pool is gradually backfilled around by dry concrete mixture or gravel. At the same time pool is filled by water to balance the pressure exerted on the walls.

The space under the stairs is always filled with dry concrete.

Ceramic pool installation and backfilling by dry concrete mixture

FIG. Ceramic pool installation and backfilling by dry concrete mixture


Filling the JAVA pool with water

6. Technology installation in the shaft

Once the pool is settled, the pool technology installation begins – either in the pool shaft or in a room designated for this purpose (garage, basement, garden shed).

Ceramic pool installation and pool technology shaft
technology shaft

7. Pool roofing

Roofing rails are settled onto the concrete pool ring (if they are going to be imbedded at the paving level), or are settled after the tiles are layed.

Settling the rails of pool roofing

8. Tiling around the pool

Laying the tiles around the JAVA pool
laying the ceramic edge of the pool

9. Roofing installation

construction with roofing
Landscaping works in the surrounding
Completed JAVA 85 ceramic pool installation

10. It´s done…

… let´s go swimming.

Completed JAVA 85 ceramic pool installation – ready to swim
See how the pool is moved from the street to the construction site.